News Letter July - 2011


Date: 26th July 2011

Dear Parent of………………………….……Class………………Adm NO………….......

School has closed today 26th July, 2011 and will open on 6th September, 2011 for form III and 7th September, 2011for form II and I.  However, form IV, will come on
15th August, 2011 for a 3 week remedial programme. Those who will be willing to come on 8th August, 2011 for their own study and use of Library are welcome. Particularly, we have asked those who scored low in mathematics to come on 8th August 2011 for specialised attention. The School will arrange for accommodation and teacher guidance for those coming early.

Kindly note
i) The form IV parents/guardians are invited to come to school on 6th August, 2011 to deliberate on mock results and way forward.
ii) Parents will be required to deliver their sons to School personally on opening days.
iii) All students are expected in School by 3.30pm on the opening day of School. We will not be able to admit students thereafter

• Kindly note that your son’s performance and achievement in both academic and co-curricular activities is captured in summary in the end of term progress report form.
• Take time to read and understand your son’s behaviour, conduct and performance as indicted by the class teacher, house teacher and principal.
• It is also important to note that, from next term each test/cat/exam will carry a different weight; CAT I and CAT II each will carry 20% each. Whereas the end of term exam will carry 60% of the total score. Currently we are averaging the three exams done in a term.
• Each student has been given a report card. Kindly study it and discuss with your son how the performance can be improved.
• Holiday assignment has been given to your son. Form four students have one mock exam. It is your responsibility to ensure that your son completes these assignments and have them surrendered on opening day.
• Those students coming for holiday remedials will not be asked to pay. It will however be undermining our efforts if your son fails to come for this important session.

  A  B  R  W  Y  TOTAL 
FORM 1265,857.00170,244.0092,795.0062,331.00211,945.00982,084.00
FORM 2290,107.00239,094.00253,845.00253,951.00331,989.001,653,131.00
FORM 3584,206.00255,716.00227,439.0088,664.00185,644.001,430,074.00
FORM 4183,829.00146,790.00600,146.00404,280.0064,703.001,566,062.00
GRAND TOTAL     5,631,351.00


Kindly note the following:-
i) All fees must be paid by 6th September, 2011.
ii) Kshs 365/= for Central Activity Fund for form II, III and IV.
iii) No student will be allowed in School on opening day without having completed School fees.
iv) We waste a lot of learning time when we ask your son to come to remind you about fees payment.
v) We have for now not asked for an increase in fees despite increase in prices of commodities. We have experienced the following changes in prices.

NoItems Budgeted New Price % increase 


• This translates into a possible 22% increment on the B.E.S.
• If conditions force the Board of Governors to make an increment, we will make communication.


We wish to thank parents for turning up in good numbers on 9th July, 2011. It was very successful. I wish to request that we note dates for some of the events we have lined up for 3rd term.
• Visiting days shall remain the first Sunday of every month.
• Academic days are set as follows:

Form 3 –   24th September, 2011
Form 2  – 17th September,2011
Form 1 –   1st October, 2011

Kindly take note that academic days are not visiting days. We expect that unless otherwise, all parents for given classes attend their respective sessions.

• The school shall break for 3rd term half-term from 5th to 9th October, 2011.
• Form IV prayer day will be held on 15th October, 2011.
• Parents are invited to come to School on 5th November, 2011 to deliberate on the fee Structure for 2012.
• Kindly visit our websites: and  for more information.

     i). Grooming
• We have noted with concern the declining levels of personal hygiene. It is our wish that you observe your son and encourage him to uphold excellent levels of hygiene. We wish to request the co-operation of parents and students that on the opening day each student presents the following
i) School shoes, polish and shoe brush and a pair of socks.
ii) A comb
iii) 2 pairs of school uniform and pullover. (They must have an identification mark)
iv) A towel
v) 2 Bed sheets
• Pink for form I
• Blue for form II
• Green for  form III and IV
     Which must have identification mark!
vi) Towel.
vii) A cup, glass, plate, fork and spoon.
viii) Box /Trunk
ix) 2 padlocks, one for dormitory and a smaller one for the desk.
x) Enough bathing soap, tooth paste, toilet paper, detergent for washing clothes for the term.

Kindly note
If a student does not demonstrate that he has all those requirements, he will not be allowed in School.

• We have had incidences of indiscipline and I request that you help your son to reflect on them with a view of changing this behaviour.
• We have noted with great appreciation that our students have the capacity of reflecting on acts of indiscipline and always take the first step in seeking forgiveness which we grant.
• Kindly help your son to revise the School Anthem and Kakamega warrior spirit which we have indicated below

School Anthem

Deep down my heart, where all the VISION starts
Right on an Island where my mentor’s pride
On Chapman’s land where all our DREAMS are PRUNED
GOD of creation bless this School we love

We sing the GLORY of a School we know
Kakamega School is home to every soul
GOD of creation bless this School we love

We live forever home of Kenyan Brain
Shining the PRESENT FUTURE and the PAST
Our pride is high far up the stars above
GOD of creation bless this School we love

Green, white and black we stand for you while here
MORALS upright we sing in praise of these
GOD of creation bless this School we love.

Warrior Spirit
1. I will be responsible for my life and action.
2. I will concentrate all the energy or my body and mind on one specific target at a time.
3. I will develop the ability to remain calm and composed for even in the worst situation I will find opportunity.
4. I will spend my time wisely for it is too precious a commodity to waste
5. I will continually challenge myself to learn by exposing myself to others with skills greater than my own.
6. I will develop patience in all things for it is the essential quality of a powerful mind.
7. I will make my capabilities exceed my limitation.
8. God bless me and the Kakamega High School we know and love.


It is becoming clear that he boy child is being marginalised and if interventions are not put in place, we will kill a generation to come. As much as we agree with the saying that educating a girl is educating the world, we wish to state that educating a boy is critical in driving the economy of this country to the next level.

Some of the areas that we feel should be given attention include:-
A. Raising a boy child.

1) ACTIVITY:  Keep an eye on all his activities.  Do not let him do whatever he likes or go out at odd hours simply because he is a boy.  Watch out on his behavior and do not accept wrong behavior even if it is something negligible. It might turn out big if neglected at the moment.
2) FRIENDS:  You should know about his friend circle and the type of boys and girls in the group.  It is quite natural that boys will spend more time with their friends as compared to girls. Do not call any of his friends bad.  Explain things that are right and wrong and let him decide whether that particular friend is right for him or not.
3) LISTEN TO YOUR SON:  Get an idea of the family background of his friends. Make them friends.
4) SEXUAL OFFENCES:  Educate your son about how to save himself from any scum incident.
5) SHOWER UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE:  Show appreciation for what he does even about insignificant issues that stress him.  He needs a companion and friend and you need to offer him friendship from your side.
6) HAVE A POSITIVE APPROACH:  It helps you overcome many basic problems faced by teens.  A positive attitude helps install confidence amongst teenagers and make them comfortable.  Be genuinely concerned instead of becoming hyper or disgusted when they land in trouble.
7) DEVELOP A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT:  An unhealthy environment from parents harms a child in the long run. Teenage boys don’t feel secure when parents don’t get along with each other, avoid all the bickering.
8) BE AN EXCELLENT ROLE MODEL:  Set a good example to teenagers so that they do not have to choose wrongly.  When you share a good understanding level, your son will always confide in you, whatever the situation.
9) COMMUNICATE STRONGLY:  Discuss with your boy and make them talk.  Make him feel comfortable and secure when he is confiding in you.
10) HELP YOUR CHILD LEARN THAT CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES:  Let them experience the consequences of their choices so that they learn self-discipline.  This is important because success depends on choices.  They learn to think ahead about negative and positive results of their actions.  Wise parents protect their children so that they are not seriously hurt, but do not overprotect to the extent that the child doesn’t learn consequences of his folly.
11) MOTIVATORS AND REWARDS:  Children and adults behave according to the pleasure principal:  behavior that continues, behavior that is unrewarding ceases.  Prizes are a way to entice your child towards goals you’ve made for him.  The ultimate goal is self-discipline.
12) WITHDRAWING PRIVILEGES:  As children get older they should only be given privileges based on their growing ability to be responsible.
13) HOLDING FAMILY MEETINGS:  They are good for setting family rules.  You are relaxed and children are more receptive.  Rules when you are angry don’t carry authority.
14) EXPECTATIONS:  Raise your expectations, but acknowledge that making mistakes is a very good way to learn lessons.
15) BOUNDARIES:  Set boundaries and always be consistent.
16) LIMIT TIME IN FRONT OF TV AND COMPUTER:  They make them passive personalities, miss out on time spent with you, or playing sports and interacting with others.
17) HOME CHORES:  Encourage them to share in the household chores.  Make it an expectation that everyone shares in the running of the house.



B. The screen has become part and parcel of our sons’ lives. We cannot stop them interacting with this medium of communication but we must advice them that screen viewing could have the following negative effects.


 Images on the screenSymptoms of influenceMedia alerts
Attention Problems Difficulty in focusing on specific tasks (‘attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder ‘). Child’s mind darts around, unable to develop logical trains of thought.Child’s senses are bombarded by a constant stream of stimuli from the screen.  Sound bite character of screen entertainment. 22
Poor speech development Slow to develop language and ability to communicate.Not enough interaction/conversation with real people.  Constant background noise of TV.7,24
Literacy retarded Slow in developing reading/writing skills.Too much media time and no time for reading Media overshadow fun of learning through books.
Spoon-fed minds See everything through screen images.  Not tapping into your own creative and imaginative resources.  Avoiding tasks that challenge your own intellectual thought.Media that constantly force images on views can result in the loss of a child’s internal space.  So much comes on a plate – for example, being able to copy and paste from the Internet. 18
Sleep deprivation Too tired to concentrate on anything/nodding off in class.Temptation to watch TV/play computer games/text on the mobile after bedtime.  Over-stimulation just before trying to get to sleep.  TV in bedroom. 27
Yours faithfully,




School motto:    ’IN UNITY IS STRENGTH’



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