Guiding and counselling


Guiding and counseling

 The need for guidance and counseling in school has increased in the recent times not just because of the ban of corporal punishment, but more so because of the many drastic changes taking place in our society today. Its because of these that experts and educators are convinced that institution, especially schools should promote the efficient and happy lives of individual by helping them to adjust to social realities.
The guiding and counseling department of Kakamega School has been in existence since the early nineties. The department is changed with the responsibility of organizing for programmes which will ensure that the student is prepared to over come challenges of life. The programmes include class meetings on Tuesday, house meetings on Thursday where the class teachers and house masters meet these members respectively. Different issues ranging from academic to other social concerns have been addressed.
During the special Wednesday guidance and counseling assemblies, the department has also brought in speakers of high caliber to address the students on many different topics. Below are just a few of the topics they handled.

(i) The price of success: Professor Akeyo Joseph Omollo of Maseno University.
(ii) Self discipline: Doctor Lilechi Barista of Masinde Muliro University, an old boy of Kakamega School.
(iii) Attributes of a good students: Mrs. Everlyne Bushels from Kenya Institute of Education.
(iv) Academic success: Mr Ken Otieno of Masinde Muliro University.
(v) Be inspired before you expire: Mr Iambi Pepe a motivational Speaker from Democratic Republic of Congo.
(vi) Drugs and Substance Abuse: Mrs. Olubero of Ministry of Public health, Kakamega.
        Over the year a number of our students also participated in Public Speaking Competition organized by Guidance and Counseling department of Kakamega Central heads Association. Ten of our own students made presentation on topics like Environment our heritage, Peace Education and conflict resolution, morals and ethnics in school among others. Out of the ten who participated in the competition at Sulumeti Girls, Ray Solomon of form 2R represented the districts at the national leadership conference at Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi.
   The following are members of the department:
1.  Mr Michael Mbalilwa         Chairman
2.  Mrs. Beatrice Mundia           Secretary
3.  Mr Caleb   Jondi
4.  Mr Francis Odhiambo
5.  Mr Aggrey Opele
6.  Mr Namusasi
7. All class teachers
8.  All house teachers




School motto:    ’IN UNITY IS STRENGTH’



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