computer studies



akamega school has computer studies as a discipline tested amongst other subjects. This covers a wide range of information technology. Students are taught all operations in computer based friendly environment.

It is a subject under technical and applied which imparts the leaner with skills used to help them in their lives.

Very many things have gone global and that is why it is a requirement to note that the study is very important to any being.

he school has a computer room used to impart practical skill having 41 computers in good condition that can handle a small population of only 41 students per session. We would like this to be improved and to make it compulsory for the child that passes through Kakamega high school. This implies that we have to increase the number of computer rooms in Kakamegea high school. This will enable all the students to be acquainted with the technology that is changing. In the schools that do computer studies, Kakamega high school is not left out. It performs well in terms of the mean score. It also encompasses the students with networking skills which are very good for getting the information on internet. It has replaced the old system of the library which is difficult to search for information.

We are very glad to inform the surrounding to keep with the transition in the technology so that they do not get stale in the information coverage.

nstructions are given to students to apply during a practical skills tested in paper two (Practical Paper). It has very specific rules build under menu of commands that a student must master to be effective. The paper 1 (Theory paper) contains all areas set about computers which requires a student to read widely not knowing where the question will be tossed from. There is paper three (Project work) containing a case study of any discoveries that a student should write about and develop it. It marks the climax of computer studies as it tedious and time consuming.

Students are taught the subject by Head of subject Mr. Ochanda Victor and assisted by Mr. Odunga Moses who is well vast with computer skills.

In summary of what we usually perform as in the computer studies being a discipline is listed in our motto and mission as below:-

Motto: Creativity for self sustainable

Mission: To nurture our students to be self reliance in their lives.

Encouragement is to all Kakamega fraternity to be informed about the use of information technology tools for more and easy time when thriving.

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