HOD SCIENCE DESKS

The science department is one of the largest in terms of staffing. Current the department has twenty-three (23) T.S.C teachers and four B.O.G teachers.
            This department comprising three subjects physics, chemistry and biology. A head of subject (H.O.S), Chemistry, heads every subject and Biology is compulsory at all levels while physics is optional at form three and form four
             The motto of the department is “Excel in sciences for excellent modern technology”.
              The vision of the department is “To equip and develop scientific minds for excellence”.
                 Mission of the department is “To equip learners with scientific knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to excel in sciences”.
                As a department, we have worked around the clock with aim of making the students perform well in their exams and be enlightened as individuals. We make them also be able to apply the same knowledge in their every day life. More of hands on activities are done to enable the school and the country to realize the vision 2030.
                As members of the department, we have embraced spirit of teamwork, commitment to the task and marking of exam, nation, greater emphasize fit on pool marking of the examination papers in our subject on the department.
                 I want to take this opportunity to extend sincere gratitude to all the teachers of the science department, entire teaching and non-teaching staff and at large the Administration of the Kakamega School for the support they have given to the department, leading to realization of its set objectives.
                                 God bless you all.         .

Deputy principalís Desk

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