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(Mr. Wakhungu M Alex)
It is yet another year and greater things are happening on the chapman’s land of opportunities. First, was the elevation of Mr. Kidera Isaac from the boarding department to the position of deputy principal (Bukhalire secondary School) then Sir Alex Wakhungu picked up this most challenging task of heading the boarding department. Through the efforts of an able committee of house masters and the assistant boarding masters – Mr Mugalla Antony and Mr. Asumwa Suleiman there has been vivid improvement in the department.
 House cleanliness has been up to the task. Thanks to the young Chapmans (Form ones). Mopping of the dorms is on a daily basis between 6.30-7.30 am. This is a responsibility that has been taken up and owned by the junior boys. This has led to a spirit of hard work and team-playing among the boys.
 The weed-ends have not been spared. Community tasks have been set up between 10.30-12.30 pm. Students work in small manageable communities supervised by various prefects. This has been challengeful since the whole student’s body is expected to participate. Mr. Kia Daniel has been instrumental in this area. He has managed to Marshall all the other staff members to ensure the duties are carried out diligently. Though out the year we have experienced ups and downs: on the positive side we have been endowed by a strong prefect’s board in comparison with the previous board. This has had a positive impact on performance and enforcement of rules and regulations.
 A leader is expected to be a team-player, a role model and above all a torch-bearer. This has been demonstrated by this board. They have been crucial in upgrading the facelift of our department.
 The school has maintained a balanced diet for the boys; no wonder Form ones are ever looking forward to meal-times. Put a glance on the boys as they head for their lunch-time meals. Its how swift and flexible one can fly that enables him to top up the cue for the ‘CONC’. The boys love this trend. However the “Over lappers” will never miss to side-show and exercise their powers in this field of event. It has been registered that the juniors are Champs in this co-curricular!!.
 On the other side, theft cases have been on the increase. Mattress, blankets, boxes and valuables have been the target. The department has tried to put stringent measures to curb this menace but still much needs to be done. It’s an appeal to all to help one another in minimizing or eradicating this problem. Dorms are locked between 7.00 am – 4.30 pm, 6.30pm-9.00pm. Through this we have been able to minimize free movement of erratic boys. The powerful team of house teachers has helped us in advising and counseling boys on how to live communally. Thursday dorm-meetings have proved to be important since through such forums students have been able to channel their views and solutions to certain pertinent issues. All in all, I wish to sincerely appreciate the efforts of all stake holders in the management of boarding affairs and petit a petit our dreams shall be achieved.
God bless all and bless Kakamega School too.

Mr. Wakhungu Alex 

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