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I once more take this opportunity to express my gratitude and profound happiness to the Board of Governors, Parents Teachers Association, Teachers, support staff and students for the excellent work done this year.

There has been overwhelming collaboration, focus and determination to see improved performance. This year has had both high and low time. It is the variation of these attitudes that fuels our day to day engagement.

Our School mean last year dropped to 7.97 but worth noting was that the number of those with C+ and above improved from 202 to217.

This year’s candidates have worked extremely hard and we are sure of improved results.

Our Drama team performed excellently at the national competitions scooping a total of 26 trophies. The Rugby team won the 7’s national title.

In 2nd term activities however, a cloud of unexpected gloom covered our performance and we have lessons learnt from our omissions and commissions. At this juncture I wish to request all students to in future be tolerant to depressing situation and forge friendship with other learning institutions.

The School has seen the promotion of Mr. Kangayia Vitalis who had served this School for almost two years as School Deputy. He will be remembered for his diligence in delivery of service that guided our School soccer team to various victories.

We have been extremely lucky to have a replacement in the name of Mr. Paul Weloba, from Alliance School. He is first and foremost an excellent teacher of English then a coach of Rugby. We hope to benefit greatly from him.

The two major projects, the Economic Stimulus Project and the High-rise Hostel (phase 1) are progressing well. The total cost of these projects is approximately Khs. 45 million. When completed, we will have 12 extra classrooms 8 laboratories, and accommodation of 500 students at the hostel level.

It is expected that students will use these facilities to improve their perform. I wish to salute the student population whom I admire and cherish. They have been my source of encouragement and my reason for toiling on despite opposing tides. 

They are expressive, understanding, objective and a joy to be with.

I pray for good health and energy to convert them into successful men that this country will rely upon.

I want to wish all a very productive 2011.
Mr. Oliver Minish
The Principal Kakamega school

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