space and physical structures


Space and Physical Structure
The School stands on a 95 - acre plot.

a.   The Physical Facilities include:
 classrooms, an Administration Block, an Assembly Hall, Library, a Computer Laboratory 6 Science Laboratories, 1 Electricity Workshop, 1 Power Mechanics Workshop, 1 Lectur Theatre Hall, 1 Maintenance Workshop, 18 Dormitories (1 high rise), 1 large Central Stores    Block, 1 Dining Hall/Kitchen complex, 25 Teaching Staff Houses, 12 Non-teaching Staff Houses1 Kenyatta University Open Learning Institute House, Playing Grounds for football, Rugby, Volleyball, Handball, Hockey, Basketball, Athletics, Softball, Badminton and Lawn Tennis.

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Deputy principalís Desk

site under reconstruction

the school has two deputies one incharge of adminstration Mr,Wellington Andati and Mr,makokha Stephen in-charge of …

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School motto:    ’IN UNITY IS STRENGTH’



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