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Talent Promotion

Sponsorship by Unicef


i. Drama 5 students @ 40,000.00   200,000.00
ii) Soccer 12 students @ 40,000.00   480,000.00
iii) Rugby 8students @ 40,000.00   320,000.00
TOTAL      1,000,000.00
g. Challenges and Impediments
i) Physical infrastructure – dilapidated and inadequate, classrooms, hostels, need for more staff houses.
 ii) Swelling enrolment - Currently 1210 students
 iii) Proximity to town hence negative influence: sneaking, theft of School books
 iv) Poor payment of fees by parents

Deputy principalís Desk

site under reconstruction

the school has two deputies one incharge of adminstration Mr,Wellington Andati and Mr,makokha Stephen in-charge of …

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