Mathematics department
The Department of mathematics in Kakamega High school has a membership of 22 teachers of whom 19 are employees of teacher’s service commission and 3 are employees at the Board of Governors.
                 The operation of the Department is anchored on principles and values on the school strategic plan and by extension the Ministry of Education strategic plan 2006-2011.
The implementation of its programmes is guided by our motto, vision and mission statements outlined below.
                                             OUR MOTTO
United we excel divided we fall: this motto is in line with the school motto “ In unity is strength”
                                            OUR VISION
To Endeavour to eliminate D’s and E’s. This vision is in line with the school vision “To be a center of academic excellence”

                                            OUR MISSION STATEMENT
To provide our students/ clients with sufficient drawing, graphing and computational skill in mathematics necessary for self-reliance in line with the school mission: “To develop and nurture the intellectual, moral and practical skills in learners for a dynamic world.
               In order to realize its dream, the department has intensified its strength weaknesses opportunities and threats. It has therefore embarked on enhancing its strengths, exploiting its opportunities to the feuesely managing its weaknesses countering external threats effectively and integrating ICT on its operations and programmes.
              The department has also embarked the slogan “Back to the Basics” to ensure that concepts in mathematics are thoroughly understood by the learners.
          The department enjoys the support of the staff and the administration.
              God Bless math’s Departments in Kakamega High School.
                                                                                                     Mr. Ackab Lisamula
                                                                                                     H.O.D Mathematics            

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